As an example of the Unconundrum branding design process we will use our client "Henry & Tunks" as an example.

Henry & Tunks is start-up industrial design label.
Branding was required to establish the brand logo and company business card and stationery, with a view to develop further into packaging, promotion and online.

The brief described a logo that was sophisticated, evocative and have an uniqueness that would leave a lasting impression. Our client hoped the logo could include imagery of a bird and an apple for sentimental reasons and was interested in the design style of 1920's in both western and eastern culture.

We ask clients to send any images they particularly like and we also have our own scavenge to help develop a theme for the branding. Images such as the ones adjacent helped inform our design process.

Logo Development Process

Unconundrum Logo Development Process

Combining this imagery and our own imagination we sketch some thoughts and then head to the computer to create a number of logo concepts.

Logo Development Sketches

For Henry & Tunks we developed the 3 examples below:

Logo Development Concepts

After emailing the examples to our client we then listen to their feedback.
For this logo we combined different elements of each design into a final logo design.

Unconundrum Logo Development Process

The result being a logo and branding that both we and our client adore.

We creatively incorporate the design into the branding of business cards, swing tags and other elements required.

Final Logo Final Logo on Swing Tags Final Logo on Business Cards